Drop Off Your Trophy in the Fall Pickup your Mount in the Spring!

Caring for your trophy before you get it to the taxidermist


Important Steps to Preserving Your Cape for a Mount


1.  Field dress your trophy immediately.

2.  Cut the hide long for a mount, more is better, cut at least 6" behind the front legs for a shoulder mount

3.  Never cut the hide up the front or back of the neck.  Skin it out up to the skull, turning it inside out like a sock as you go.  Leave the skull in place.

4.  Keep it cold, but NEVER get the hide wet, NEVER use ice. Store it in a garbage bag to keep it from drying out.

5.  Never drag your hide/trophy on the ground.

6.  Get your trophy to the taxidermist as soon as you can.

Fall Hunting Season

 Bring your trophy in in the FALL, receive your mount back the following SPRING!