Drop Off Your Trophy in the Fall Pickup your Mount in the Spring!

Steve Fetzner - taxidermist



I started my business in 1973 in Illinois.  In 2005 my wife and I moved to Wyoming to live our dream and relocated my business to Cora, Wyoming. Fetzner Taxidermy is located in the Upper Green River Valley, an area I have hunted most of my life.

The principles of my business have remained steadfast through the years - excellent service, quality mounts, and a quick timely turn around time.  You will get your mount back within 7-9 months or sooner.  I have never believed in waiting a year to receive your prized trophy back.  I understand the thrill, excitement, and pride a person has regarding his trophy.  I know you'll want it on the wall as soon as possible.

 When you trust me to take care of and mount your prize trophy you can be assured it is in the hands of skilled, qualified professional